Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Jason & Alex

I was happy to meet up with this cute couple on Sunday - which, as March in Indiana can be, turned out to be a little cool, a little windy, but a lot of fun!  They are busy planning their wedding this coming October (love October weddings - nothing is so beautiful as vibrant fall colors) and they're going with an elegantly beautiful palette of colors that will make for some gorgeous wedding party shots!

At any rate, we started out indoors then headed out for some urban shots.  They're so sweet together, though they swear they don't have pet names for each other!  I can see lots of happy, happy years for these two down the road and am so excited they've selected me to share their day with them. 

The first is my absolute favorite of the day....hope that Alex and Jason enjoy them as much as I do!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Payton - Class of 2012

I have been a bad blogger.  The good news of that is that I've been so busy taking pictures, I've had very little time to edit them!!  One of my recent subjects was Payton - Class of 2012!  We had to split Payton's session into two weekends due to wind....and darn if the wind wasn't howling on the second Saturday as well!  Irregardless, Payton is such an awesome young lady!  She loves sports - Basketball - Video Games - Spyro was the first game that hooked her, and she's advanced a bit since then - her dogs (they are so cute!!!) and has dreams of becoming a physical therapist after high school is complete. 

Hope Payton and mom enjoy their sneak peeks!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Magic Moments Models - 2011 - Sadie!

I have to admit, I've been a bad blogger of late.  So many sessions, so little editing time.  So, I finally owe the lovely Ms. Sadie her spot on the blog!

Sadie was a fantastic model - sweet, smiling, playful.....she didn't like leaves being thrown at her, but, then, who would?  I am in love with so many of these images - those eyes *sigh* that smile *wow* - she is a photographer's dream model.  I hope that her mother enjoys her sneak peek as much as I've enjoyed working on them!

Oh, and I may be in a smidge bit of trouble for this first one....but aren't they beautiful together?

Laughter on an October Afternoon.....

I have to admit, these boys' mother had me a little nervous.  We never do pictures, she said.  Not for years!! she said.  The boys aren't really excited about having their picture taken she said....well, maybe all that was very true as our first session was cancelled due sudden onset nausea on the part of one of these guys.  So....a reschedule date later we met up on the streets of Huntingburg for an Urban Shoot.   And....they were a little stiff at first.  They didn't want to stand together, smile, look at me, stay where I put them...and then, with the invention of a couple of nicknames (which I won't share on the internet in fear they will become all the rage and these two guys will be stuck with them for eternity), it all came together.  We laughed, cut up, took silly pictures.....

And then took a few that can be treasured ....

Thank you, Beth, for sharing your boys with me for the day.  I had so much fun with them!  Hope you love your sneak peeks as much as I do!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Alexa - Class of 2012

I got to spend Saturday morning with Alexa, her mom, and little sis!  Alexa absolutely rocked her shoot - smiling, turning, poising on command :-)  Although she couldn't quite pull off a serious face.....I have the feeling that Alexa doesn't frown a whole lot.  Some of you may recognize this young lady from a couple of years ago when I worked with her little sis for two year pictures - she's grown up since then, of course!  She's thinking ahead to the future - life after high school, career, freedom!!! the whole works.

The camera absolutely loved this gal's eyes.. hope she enjoys her sneak peek!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Paisley - almost two and loving it.

I got to spend some time with darling Paisley and her mom and dad - and horse Ruby!! a couple of weeks ago, and had such a great time with them!  Paisley is almost two - and yes, she has the two year old attitude - but she's also sweet, and full of laughs, and ready to try anything - so long as she gets to do it her own way!! 

I'm sure that mom Amanda felt like she had run a marathon by the time we were through with Ms. Paisley's session, but I hope she'll be pleased with the amazing images we captured of this little lady in motion.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Adelynne - Almost Two and on the move

I mean it - this little lady does not believe in sitting still.  There is too much to do, too much to see, kisses to blow, Nana to hug....but what a smile!  She has a sweet nature, a huge smile, and giggles at the slighest provocation  Adelynne, her talented mom and Nana met me Friday afternoon for the fist of my model sessions and boy did Ms. A make me dash to keep up with her!  Rocks, water, ducks, dogs, leaves - all caught her eye and her roving feet.

Adelynne's mom made almost everything Adelynne wore for our session - tutus, bows - adorable ladybug Halloween costume.  Catch up to her at Naner Renaih Bows and Things on Facebook to see some of her gorgeous creations.

Thanks again for being one of my models, Ms. Addie!  Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!